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Female Staff

Contact us now and start your life as an elite, high-paid. At our agency, KL Cupid are always available as our regular clients love to meet new working ladies. Apply with us now and meet one of our clients for an date

We like diversity and we are always looking to increase our portfolio.If you are an existing es. cort looking for work or you are considering to become a new es. cort in Kuala Lumpur then we are the guys to speak to. Our friendly staff can assess your situation and find out whether you would be right for the team.

Once we accepted you in our big family we’ll do our best to help you in case you need any advice or assistance.

We listen to you. We care about your needs. You can set your own working hours and take your own decisions.We are friendly and flexible, we want you to be happy as we know that an es. cort girl with a smile on her face equals a happy client and a successful business.

  • Positive and professional attitude

  • Part-time, flexible schedule (on-call based on personal schedule)

  • Readiness to work

  • Efficient

  • Must be 21 or older

  • Keeps to a timely route

Web Manager

Collaborate with management to ensure site aligns with brand strategy and meets org needs/standards; maintain website security and troubleshoot/resolve issues; prepare/post info on WEAA and SGJC web pages; create strategies to grow web traffic; monitor web traffic, performance and capacity to ID, prevent and resolve issues; work with station management to ensure website complies w/all laws and regulations; keep up-to-date with industry best practices; monitor competitor websites and prepare benchmark reports for station manager. Individual reports to the station manager.


Do you like new adventures, hate being stuck in an office, or not particularly fond of having someone looking over your shoulder all day? How would you like to take photos and videos of some of the most beautiful girls?
We are looking for a photographer and/or a videographer to take photos and/or videos of our Angels. The number of jobs per day and area of travel would vary each day.

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